Horror-Thriller Blood Punch Lands Distribution

The 2013 horror-thriller, BLOOD PUNCH, is finally seeing the light of day and will be coming to us on DVD and other digital platforms on September 1, 2015. BLOOD PUNCH is directed by Madellaine Paxson, written by Eddie Guzelian, and stars Milo Cawthorne, Olivia TennetAri Boyland, Fleur Saville, and Adelaide Kane. Check out the press release, which also contains the plot crunch:

Blood Punch1

Festival Hit Blood Punch Available Nationwide September 1

Die A Different Way on DVD and Digital HD

“…a supernatural film noir on meth, with heaps of dark humor and a madcap edge that cuts deep.” — Bloody Disgusting

Los Angeles, CA – Bluff Road Productions and Midnight Releasing are excited to announce the DVD and VOD release of Blood Punch.  Directed by Madellaine Paxson, the film reunites “Power Rangers RPM” stars Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet and Ari Boyland in a bloody thriller, centered on a murderous love triangle that takes a shocking and grisly supernatural turn.  Blood Punch pulls you into its vicious cycle on DVD, Digital HD and cable VOD starting September 1.

Blood Punch has been an audience and critical favorite since its premiere at the Austin Film Festival, where it won the Dark Matters Audience Award.  Paxson was honored with Best Director and Best Feature at the Hoboken Film Festival, while the film has taken home seven additional Audience and Best Feature awards.

Blood Punch2

Milton (Cawthorne, Deathgasm), a brilliant chemistry student breaks out of court-mandated drug rehab with a mysterious bad girl, Skyler (Tennet, “When We Go to War”). Looking to recruit a cook for a one-day drug score, she lures him to an isolated cabin with her psychotic and trigger-happy boyfriend Russell (Boyland, “Shortland Street”).

Russell reveals that he plans to murder Milton as soon as he is finished cooking the drugs, and their simple love triangle quickly descends into a mind-blowing supernatural cycle of carnage and mayhem with no end…and no escape.

Blood Punch7

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The DVD release of Blood Punch (SRP $17.98) will exclusively include deleted scenes, outtakes and test footage.

Check out the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!

Blood Punch6

Blood Punch5

Blood Punch4

Blood Punch3

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