Grim Reapers Now Available on Digital Platforms

grim reapers1GRIM REAPERS is now available to watch on various digital platforms. This dark, supernatural thriller is about a son’s search for his father who disappeared in the woods without a trace. GRIM REAPERS is written and directed by Cade Saint and stars Henry Friedman, Kelsey McDonald, Andrew Wilson Williams, Ryan Patrick Williams, and Ben Friedman. Check out the plot crunch:

A teenager and his friends become terrorized by dark hooded figures after his father goes missing at a remote house in the woods.

This is Saint’s feature debut and it is a solid effort. The story is interesting, but the execution could have been better in some areas. Saint has a good director’s eye, but GRIM REAPERS needs to be tightened up more in the editing room. With an eighty-two minute runtime, GRIM REAPERS dragged in quite a few places. But Saint does a nice job building up tension and I’m looking forward to seeing his next film.


GRIM REAPERS is now available on VOD via KinoNation, is also on Amazon Instant Video, and will soon be available on other VOD outlets. Check out the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!

Grim Reapers3


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