Upcoming Horror-Scifi-Thiller, Medusa, Gets an October Release Date

Medusa posterHere’s a film I’ve had my eye on since it had its debut this year at Cannes. MEDUSA has been wowing audiences and critics alike and it is creeping ever closer to its release date. MEDUSA is written and directed by Jorge Ameer and stars Jeff Allen, Tom StruckhoffBritt Rose, Katy Foley, William McNamara, and Jon Jacobs. MEDUSA had its world premier in France on May 17, 2015 at the Cannes Film Festival, and will be hitting theaters this October in Los Angeles. Check out the press release, which also contains the plot crunch:



MEDUSA is the latest film from filmmaker Jorge Ameer (D’Agostino, The Dark Side of Love, Sabor Tropical), this creature feature is a contemporary gothic tale of terror based on the greek mythology of gorgon & gods.  A dedicated mythology professor finds an evil witch doctor who summons the spirit of the gorgon Medusa.

Running time: 109 Minutes



As for the genre and style, Ameer and his team are right on the money and do an excellent job. Clent Bowers – EXAMINER

“Medusa is a very unique film unlike anything else I’ve seen…During it all, it gives you a sense that something is indeed not right and you can feel the presence of something evil in the room with you or in the room with Jack. It really brings the viewer in and lets you experience a little of what Jack is going through.” Charles Musick – PULPBUSTERS


Ameer gives us a contemporary gothic thriller and he succeeds in not only winning our attention but also has us begin to believe what we see on the screen. Crafted with style, there is a darkness that is frightening, riveting and  keeps us on the edge of your seats.  Amos Lassen – REVIEWS BY AMOS LASSEN

Medusa features punchy jump scares and is extremely entertaining. Give this one a spin.  Greg Goodsell – THEATER OF GUTS

CAST: Jeff Allen, Tom Struckhoff, Britt Rose, Jorge Ameer, Katy Foley, Algerita Wynn, Torie Tyson, Carlos Moreno Jr. Jon Jacobs, Dennis Nicomede, Keith Roenke, Katya Zhylka, Scott Parietti with a special celebrity appearance by William Mc Namara (Stealing Home, Copycat) as Dr. Gleason. 

VFX by Jeremy Vanneman (Ant-Man, Jurassic World, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ironman 3, Star Trek Into Darkness, Godzilla, Pacific Rim among many other studio films.


Information on the MEDUSA Theatrical Event in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Noho 7 Theaters:


(October 16 -22)

All Q & A will be moderated by Filmmaker/author/actor Jorge Ameer.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 – Meet the Medusa cast – Find out about their preparations for their roles and their journey within the acting world.

filmmaker, Jorge Ameer

filmmaker, Jorge Ameer

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 – An intimate conversation with William McNamara on the evolution of the film industry, his past accomplishments as a child star from the 80’s and his current works.  Wiliam McNamara has had an illustrious carreer from a very young age when he starred opposite Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon in Warner Brothers “Stealing Home”, As a serial killer in”Copycat” starring opposite Sigourney Weaver to his latest film “The Wrong Roommate” starring opposite Vivica Fox.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 – An in depth conversation with Medusa Visual FX  Director Jeremy Vanneman.   Jeremy has ammassed an impressive list of studio films as a visual effects artists. His credits include Jurrassic World, San Andreas, Guardians of the Galaxy, Godzilla, Pacific Rim, Ironman 3, Star Trek Into Darkness among other studio titles.  


MONDAY, OCTOBER 19 – Painting the Story – This Q & A covers the intricacies and prep work involved when creating “the look” for the film.  Invited guest is MEDUSA Director of Photography Igor Kosenko.  With a masters in Cinematography from the AFI, Igor is a working director of Photography both in the US & Europe.  Find out all the behind the scene planning it took to prepare to shoot MEDUSA.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 – Producing Q & A – This conversation includes what it take to to make and independent film in todays market from inception to completion with Medusa producer Mauricio Arrioja. 


WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21 – From idea to distribution – A conversation with veteran indie filmmaker & actor Jorge Ameer on the changing marketplace and what it took to bring MEDUSA to the big screen, how actors can showcase their talents by making films themselves and what’s in store for the future of independent cinema.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22 – MEDUSA COSTUME CONTEST – Come dressed as Medusa, get a door prize an automatically enter the contest to win cash & prizes. Best Medusa costume will be voted on by the attending public.

You can learn more about MEDUSA and filmmaker Jorge Ameer on their official Facebook pageIMDb page, and website. Check out the trailer:

Stay Bloody!!!


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