Eureka Entertainment to Release The Man Who Could Cheat Death this September

The classic 1959 Hammer film THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH is getting the special DVD/Blu-ray treatment from Eureka Entertainment. THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH is directed by Terence Fisher, is written by Jimmy Sangster, and stars Christopher Lee, Anton Diffring, Hazel Court, Arnold Marlé, Delphi Lawrence, and Francis De Wolff. Check out the press release for the details of the upcoming release this September 21, 2015:

The Man Cheated Death1

“a suspense-filled ride for all who enjoy classic horror cinema, starring the late great Christopher Lee”

His terrifying secret, his hideous obsession made him… ‘The Man Who Could Cheat Death

[For immediate release] Eureka Entertainment to release one of Hammer Horror’s finest achievements, THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH, a suspense-filled ride for all who enjoy classic horror cinema starring the late great Christopher Lee, in the UK on Blu-ray for the first time in a special Dual Format Edition on 21 September 2015

Director Terence Fisher (The Curse of Frankenstein, Dracula, The Hound of the Baskervilles) transformed the fate of Hammer Pictures with his vibrant and explicit series of gothic horror films, which would become the studio’s signature style for nearly two decades. Fisher continued his winning streak for the studio with this tale of scientific debauchery, which remains one of Hammer Films finest achievements.

Doctor and amateur sculptor Georges Bonnet (Anton Diffring – Circus of Horrors, Fahrenheit 451) has discovered a murderous method of maintaining his youth, once every ten years he murders a young woman and removes her parathyroid glands to replace his own. But after 104 years, he’s run into some problems. His collaborator is now too old to perform the surgical procedure, and a detective is on his case. In desperation Bonnet blackmails another surgeon (Christopher Lee) into performing the procedure by threatening the life of Janine Dubois (Hazel Court), a woman who both men desire.

The Man Cheated Death3

With cinematography by Jack Asher (whose Bava-esque use of colours lend the film an almost dreamlike quality) and set-design by Bernard Robinson who could miraculously produce lavish and expensive looking sets on a tight budget, Eureka Entertainment is proud to present The Man Who Could Cheat Death available in the UK for the first time on Blu-ray in a special dual-format edition.

Fear as old as time stares you straight in the face as you follow the man who lives a lie…


*Exclusively restored 1080p presentation of the film on Blu-ray

*Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing New video interview with film scholar Jonathan Rigby

*New video interview with critic & author Kim Newman

*Limited Edition Collector’s Booklet

You can order THE MAN WHO CHEATED DEATH from Amazon. Check out a clip from the film:

Stay Bloody!!!

The Man Cheated Death2


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