Since I was on vacation and missed last weeks new releases, I’m going t include them as well in this weeks column. Let’s get to it!!


Inspired by the notorious Japanese “Guinea Pig” series of the ’80s, this all-out exercise in depravity follows the unlucky odyssey of two waylaid tourists who find themselves bound, drugged, and at the mercy of vicious, VHS camera-wielding vivisectionists. Only the strong of heart (and stomach) need apply! Splatter-filled shocker stars Scott Gabbey, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Caitlyn Dailey, and Eight the Chosen One as “the Actor.” 73 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; audio commentary; featurettes; alternate scenes; deleted scenes; photo gallery; music video; CD soundtrack; theatrical trailers. Three-disc set.

Now available on DVD & Limited Edition Blu-ray


One of the most notorious “women in prison” epics, this Jess Franco production stars Lina Romay (Franco’s wife) as Maria da Guerra, who’s sentenced to life after killing her father, who had attempted to rape her. While behind bars, Maria encounters a sadistic lesbian female warden and hatches an escape plan involving the seduction of a male nurse. Monica Swinn and Paul Muller also star in this tale teeming with p erversion and torture. 92 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English (dubbed); interview. Dubbed in English.

Now available on DVD

!!!BLACK SABBATHBLACK SABBATH (1963) (Dubbed, Remastered Edition)

Director Mario Bava offers a terrifying trilogy of shockers, hosted by Boris Karloff. A nurse steals a diamond ring from a corpse that doesn’t take kindly to theft, a phone becomes a link between the living and the dead, and Karloff appears as a vampire fated to prey on his loved ones. Michele Mercier, Lidia Alfonsi, Mark Damon, Jacqueline Pierreux also star. AKA: “The Three Faces Of Fear.” 93 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English (dubbed) Dolby Digital mono; audio commentary; theatrical trailers. Dubbed in English.

Now available on Blu-ray

!!!CHERRY 2000CHERRY 2000 (1987)

In the wild world of 2017, men have two passions: cars and robotic female “lovemates.” So when one guy loses his electronic lover, he sets out across the wilderness with a female tracker to find a replacement, only to find out the replacement’s right beside him. Offbeat sci-fi actioner stars David Andrews, Melanie Griffith, Ben Johnson, Pamela Gidley. 99 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; “making of” documentary; theatrical trailers.

Being released on Blu-ray on 7/28/2015


Co-written and directed by Arch Oboler, the riveting sci-fi thriller “Five” (1951) is set in the aftermath of a nuclear war and follows a group of survivors–a young woman, a banker, a black man, a poet, and a mountaineer–who take refuge in a remote country house while wondering what the future holds. William Phipps, Susan Douglas, James Anderson star. Two-disc set also includes “The Mad Magician,” “The Man Who Turned To Stone,” and “The Terror Of The Tongs.” Standard; Soundtrack: English.

Now available on DVD


The photographic recall of Robert “Rez” Resnick (Patrick Buchanan) made him the ideal candidate for a cabal that stole a device that could jump eight hours into the future…and wanted to use it to game the globe’s financial markets. On his maiden trip, however, Rez witnessed a nuclear explosion…and now he’s got to attempt to save an unbelieving populace. Sci-fi thriller from Ireland co-stars Michael O’Flaherty, Lesa Thurman, Anthony Murphy. 82 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo.

Now available on DVD


Legend has it that the Comanche village on the shores of Blood Lake was massacred by a detachment of Texas Rangers…and that the spirits of the murdered zealously guard a cache of gold at the lake’s bottom. A quintet of college researchers ventures out to test the truth of the old tales…and will be bitterly sorry that they had. Shocker stars Shiree Nelson, Brook Coleman, Johnny Walter, Edward Hong, and Barry Corbin. 95 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1.

Being released on 7/28/2015


Neville Brand cuts a fine figure as a scythe-swinging Louisiana hotel owner who enjoys feeding his guests to a monstrous pet alligator out in the swamp. Director Tobe Hooper’s exercise in terror also stars Stuart Whitman, Carolyn Jones, Mel Ferrer, and Robert Englund as a sex-crazed yokel named Buck. AKA: “Death Trap,” “Horror Hotel Massacre,” “Murder On The Bayou,” “Starlight Slaughter.” 91 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English (SDH); audio commentary; featurettes; theatrical trailers; radio spots; TV spots; more. Two-disc set.

Being released on DVD/Blu-ray combo pack on 7/28/2015


In a future where convicts are held on the Saturn moon Titan before being transported back to Earth for trial, one such convict finds his home planet decimated by nuclear war upon his arrival. Now, he and his military police guardians must hunt for survivors and fight criminal gangs ready to commandeer any new source of food or shelter. Action-packed sci-fi opus stars Nathaniel Sylva, Aaron Andrade, and Anna Rizzo. 83 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; audio commentary; bonus short “Mutants Of The Apocalypse” (2010); theatrical trailer.

Now available on DVD


The outlaws who ate hot lead on the streets of this deserted Arizona town didn’t stay dead. Now, 100 years later, they’re coming out of Boot Hill for a supernatural showdown, and it’s up to a modern-day lawman who comes searching for a missing girl to put the undead gunslingers back in the ground for good. Scare-filled frontier tale stars Franc Luz, Catherine Hickland, Bruce Glover. 85 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: English.

Being released on Blu-ray on 7/28/2015


In the 1920s, the murder-suicide rampage of a silent movie starlet (Jean Louise O’Sullivan) who loses her studio contract results in the death of multiple friends and colleagues, including a famous actor (Eric Roberts) known for his cowboy pictures. Decades later, the infamous performer’s mansion is acquired by realtors who quickly discover it’s haunted. Colorful, effects-filled shocker from director Charles Band (“Trancers”) co-stars Jessica Morris, Ariana Madix. AKA: “The Dead Want Women.” 74 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital stereo; behind-the-scenes footage; featurette.

Now available on DVD


The brain-numbing horror mounts when the demented killer of a popular potboiler makes the jump from the printed page to terrifying reality! An aspiring actress working at a used bookstore makes the creepy discovery when she becomes enamored with the book, and must convince others around her that the “fictional” madman is real…before she becomes his next victim. Jenny Wright, Clayton Rohner, and Stephanie Hodge star. 89 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; Subtitles: English.

Now available on Blu-ray


In an alternate universe, Superman is the son of Zod…Batman is a vampire…Wonder Woman is the daughter of Ares…and they deal out justice by their own rules. When famed scientists meet suspect ends–and all evidence points to the League–what is the world’s response? All-original animated opus from writer/producer Bruce Timm features the voices of Benjamin Bratt, Michael C. Hall, Tamara Taylor, Jason Isaacs, Paget Brewster. 72 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English DTS HD 5.1 Master Audio.

Being released on DVD & Blu-ray on 7/28/2015


Twelve years ago, horror film veteran Paul Toombes (Vincent Price) suffered a nervous collapse over the murder of his fiancee. Now, he’s seeking a comeback in a TV series based on his “Dr. Death” screen persona. Is he responsible when cast and crew start succumbing to copycat slayings? Price’s last AIP vehicle, featuring plenty of clips from his classics, co-stars Peter Cushing, Robert Quarry, Adrienne Corri. 89 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; featurette; theatrical trailers.

Now available on DVD & Blu-ray


L.A. musician Harry’s (Anthony Edwards) first date with waitress Julie (Mare Winningham) hits a slight snag when he oversleeps, then accidentally intercepts a call telling him that World War III has begun and Russian nukes will hit the U.S. in 70 minutes. Is it a hoax? Will anyone believe him? Can he find Julie before it’s too late? Apocalyptic black comedy co-stars Denise Crosby, Mykel T. Williamson, and John Agar. 87 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; featurettes; deleted scenes; outtakes; bloopers; alternate ending; theatrical trailers.

Being released on DVD & Blu-ray on 7/28/2015


In a post-collapse future society, children will be separated from their parents, and the populace is kept on memory-blocking drugs to allow them to cope. Government agent Carl Onoway (Justin Lewis) is tasked with ensuring that families don’t accidentally reunite, but a trauma that restores his own recall leads him to question his mission. Contemplative fantasy co-stars Rachel Peacock, Rick Borger, Scott Heatcoat. 106 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.

Now available on DVD


Sure, it sounds ridiculous–but just how did a little movie called “Sharknado” capture the public’s imagination? This behind-the-scenes film explores the cult phenomenon and delivers in-depth interviews with franchise cast members, fan insights, and “making of” looks at the original 2013 Syfy hit, plus the just-as-outrageous sequels “Sharknado 2: The Second One” and “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” 80 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English.

Now available on DVD


First, a secret Kali-worshipping cult sends a brutish strangler to retrieve five emeralds cut from a sacred stone and “dispatch” the gems’ owners. The shadowy group must also contend with a mysterious interloper in their underground lair who wants the jewels for himself. The rarely seen German chiller “Strangler Of The Tower” stars Charles Regnier, Kai Fischer, Christa Linder. Next, the murderous spirit of Jack the Ripper is alive in the streets of ’60s London, as a new series of call girl killings has Scotland Yard baffled. Could an actor playing the Ripper in a hit play be “The Monster Of London City“? Marianne Koch, Hansjorg Felmy, and Hans Nielsen star in this German thriller. 170 min. total. Soundtrack: English (dubbed). Dubbed in English.

Being released on DVD on 7/28/2015


A trio of friends ventures into a Florida backwater seeking to research a local urban legend about feral children. Their quest only brings them into the clutches of psychotics who imprison them in an abandoned high school, deprive them of food…and watch to see the depths of degradation that hunger drives them to. Disturbing shocker stars Bobby Campo, Maria Bonner, Dave Davis, and Cooper Huckabee. 98 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital 5.1; Subtitles: English (SDH); theatrical trailers.

Now available on DVD


Jess Franco wrote, directed, and co-stars in this re-envisioning of Mary Shelley’s classic horror tale. After Dr. Frankenstein creates a talking, thinking monster, he is brutally killed by some bizarre vulture women who seek to take the creature to an evil wizard who has some diabolical plans. With Dennis Price, Howard Vernon, Anne Libert. AKA: “Curse Of Frankenstein,” “The Erotic Adventures Of Frankenstein.” 94 min. Widescreen; Soundtracks: French, English; Subtitles: English; audio commentary; theatrical trailer. In French with English subtitles/Dubbed in English.

Being released on DVD & Blu-ray on 7/28/2015


Vincent Price and Martha Hyer play nightclub illusionists in Tangier whose tricks are the dirtiest of all. They use their hypnotic prowess to act as suppliers for a white slavery racket, turning unsuspecting young women into compliant playthings. George Nader, Maria Rohm co-star. 96 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English Dolby Digital mono; audio commentary; theatrical trailers.

Now available on Blu-ray


When the ringleader of a social media-sensation crew of pranksters decides it’s time to grow up, hang it up, and get married, his bros treat him to the use of a honeymoon cabin in the woods. Of course, they just want to set up an elaborate scare for the new couple…but the stunt goes south in numbingly horrific ways. Dante Spencer, Nathan Reid, Gabriel Tigerman, Luis Jose Lopez, and Jen Yeager star. 78 min. Widescreen; Soundtrack: English.

Now available on DVD


Dispatched to the Millwood Orphanage and Boarding School for Boys after the accidental death of his parents, 10-year-old Nathan (Christian Goodwin) quickly becomes a “problem child” by getting into fights with other residents. Though he secures a protector in guidance counselor Judy (Michelle Romano), she is unable to keep him from being banished to a ward reportedly haunted by evil spirits. Moody shocker co-stars Jimmy Scanlon, Tiffany Shepis. AKA: “Millwood.” 91 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English.

Now available on DVD


Two-disc set includes “The 27th Day,” “The Night the World Exploded,” “The H-Man,” “Battle in Outer Space,” “12 to the Moon,” and “Valley of the Dragons.”

Now available on DVD


American soldiers raised on sci-fi magazines like “Fantastic Action” soon get a look at an actual alien creature whose spaceship crashes to Earth during World War II. Fortunately for the awestruck G.I.s, the E.T. takes their side on the battle against the Axis! Timothy Van Patten, Art LaFleur, and Tim Thomerson star in this rip-roaring war opus. 86 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtrack: English; audio commentary; featurette; theatrical trailer.

Being released on Blu-ray on 7/28/2015

Stay Bloody!!!


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