Actor Irwin Keyes Dies; Filmmaker James Balsamo Celebrates His Life

It looks like the acting world lost another talented actor. Actor Irwin Keyes died yesterday and left behind a long legacy of memorable characters. Keyes had a big presence on both the big screen and on TV and was one of the rare actors who could make you laugh and then turn around and put in a chilling performance and scare the crap out of you. One of his last films he made was CATCH OF THE DAY, and writer-director James Balsamo released a statement about his good friend, Irwin Keyes.

Irwin Keys2

Statement from James Balsamo:

It’s with a heavy heart Acid Bath Productions says goodbye to our good friend Irwin Keyes. Irwin was a sweet man who loved his acting craft and brought so much to the sliver screen. It’s a great loss to the horror community and to cinema fans who loved his work all over the world. We were lucky enough to know Irwin and have one of his final performances. It’s with great honor that we share his work from our film Catch of the Day in his memory. RIP Irwin. 


Officer Rod Davis is on a mission to take out an army of aquatic mutants, a mad scientist, and a drug cartel – and it’s all to save his sister, Roxanne. The boneheaded, donut-loving cop is left with no choice but to team up with his no-nonsense old partner, Harry Chu, but the duo find themselves crashing through walls, fending off explosions, and struggling for air amongst big-breasted bikini babes as they try to crack the case of a lifetime. Rod and Harry are going in half-cocked and head-to-head against a drug cartel when they find themselves fending off a crazed scientist’s bloodthirsty mutant monstrosities. Are Rod and Harry fighting giant fish monsters just for the halibut? It’s an action-packed horror-comedy you won’t want to throw back because it’s the Catch of the Day.

Irwin Keyes with filmmaker James Balsamo

Irwin Keyes with filmmaker James Balsamo

As a tribute to Irwin Keyes, Balsamo is putting one of Keyes’ last performances, CATCH OF THE DAY, on Vimeo and you can catch it for free all day today. The link is below as is the code you’ll need to watch it for free.

Irwin Keyes in CATCH OF THE DAY

Irwin Keyes in CATCH OF THE DAY

Rest in Peace Irwin Keyes, you will be missed!!

Code to watch for free: irwin

Stay Bloody!!!


Irwin Keys5


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