Cujo Remake News: New Title & Cast Announced

Next up in the unnecessary remake category comes a remake of everyone’s favorite, cuddly dog, CUJO. The original 1983 film was based in the novel of the same name by horror master, Stephen King and is about a friendly St. Bernard who gets rabies and proceeds to terrorize and entire small town. The remake, though, sounds as though it will be straying far from the source material. The title is C.U.J.O. and this stands for “Canine Unit Joint Operations.” Hhmmm.

Check out the press release:


DJ Perry Slated to Be in C.U.J.O. Reboot For Sunn Classic Pictures

cujo2Sunn Classic Pictures, veteran producer/director Mr. Lang Elliott, is gearing up to produce, distribute and reboot films from its library. One of the most popular properties in the library is the film based on the Stephen King book entitled “Cujo” that starred Dee Wallace Stone in Sunn’s 1983 motion picture version. The reboot C.U.J.O. stands for Canine Unit Joint Operations. The screenplay has been completed and development is underway. 

Sunn Classic Studios executive Myra MacKay manages U.S. actor/producer DJ Perry who has carved out an international following from his numerous films. Most recently Perry co-starred and produced “Ashes of Eden” that will release worldwide with Lightworx Entertainment in October 2015. Playing theaters now is the thriller “Bestseller” based on the book by Christopher Knight. Perry again produced and co-starred and slated for a Christmas 2015 theatrical with Lightworx Entertainment is the biblical drama “40 Nights” where DJ plays Jesus. 

These projects showcasing DJ Perry caught the interest of Sunn Classic Pictures who would like him to participate in some of their in-studio projects including the upcoming C.U.J.O. film. Lang Elliott is set to direct.

I don’t want to jump the gun here, especially since there’s no more info about the plot/storyline, but this one is sounding pretty sketchy. Based on the title, “Canine Unit Joint Operations,” the remake sure sounds like it is going to be about an escaped dog that was trained by the military to be a killer. I hope I’m wrong!!

What do you think?

Stay Bloody!!!


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  1. Wait, wasn’t than “man’s best friend?”


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