Halloween is Coming!! My List of Possible Costumes for 2015

Well, Halloween is oCostume glovenly four months away. I know to some of you it might be a little early to start thinking about trick or treating and sorting through candy and scaring the shit out of the neighbors, but not me!! Hell, I start thinking about Halloween on November 1st!! Around the end of June/early July I always start thinking about what costume I’m going to wear. The problem is that my two loves in life are the horror genre and comic books. Between these two mistresses, there’s literally tens of thousands of characters I could be. So to help me choose, I decided to come to you, my loyal readers. I’m going to list my top choices of costume and you will get to vote on who, or what, I should be for Halloween this year!!

First up is the classic horror character of Freddy Krueger. I know this sounds cliche, but there’s a great reason why I want to go dressed as Krueger: This past year I bought a collector’s edition of Krueger’s glove. You know the one; he uses it to kill children!! But this wasn’t some knockoff cheap plastic glove. This was a fully function glove made from metal. The knuckle joints and the blades are made from metal. I think it would be the perfect accompaniment to a realistic burned-face mask.

Costume FlashThe second costume I’m considering is to go as Flash … the Wally West version of Flash which ran from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. I love me some Barry Allen, but West was a fantastic Flash!! I’m even trying to figure out how I can attach lightening bolts onto my costume.

Another costume I’m considering is going as a good old fashioned zombie. Not just any typical, off-the-shelf zombie, though. I have a friend in Austin who is a makeup/special effect wizard and he said he’d transform me into an original creation for Halloween. The only problem is he may start a new gig in the Fall. The new job would take him to where the film would be shot, which is in Oklahoma. I want him to get the gig, but I also wanna be a kick ass zombie!!

Another comic book character I’d love to dress as for Halloween this year is Swamp Thing. I love Swamp Thing. Alan Moore’s run of the comic is pure brilliance. Plus, the design of old Swampy still makes my heartbeat increase whenever I look at it. The problem with going as Swampy is that no costume exists for Swamp Thing (at least not that I can find). It looks like a pretty detailed costume to make and beyond writing, my artistic skills are pretty much nil.

Costume benderThe last costume I’m eager to wear for Halloween is from the show FUTURAMA. Me and the kiddos are probably the biggest fans around for this show. We’ve watched every episode of every season together at least eight to ten times. No exaggeration. I want to go as the character of Bender, but from a very particular episode. The episode is from season five, episode six, titled, “Less Than Hero.” In it, Leela and Fry become superheroes after rubbing some “miracle cream” into their sore muscles. Of course Bender wants in on the action. Bender uses the name “Super King” for his superhero persona. I’d love to go as Super King but this requires me to first get a Bender costume and then to dress up the Bender costume in the Super King costume!!

Those are the five costumes I’m considering wearing for Halloween 2015. I may not know exactly who/what I’m going to go as, but I do know where I can find a huge selection of both costumes and accessories: Horror-Shop.com. This is a German-based company that ships all across Europe and to North America (their website is in German but is easily switched to English). Besides the typical costumes and masks, Horror-Shop also carries a wide range of horror items and accessories that you’ll love. They even have an entire section dedicated to just makeup and special effects products!!

So which costume do you think I need to focus on? My daughter is going as Harley Quinn (I’m so proud) and my son is going as either Arrow or Green Arrow. He hasn’t decided yet.

Let me know, and as always…

Stay Bloody!!!

2 Responses to “Halloween is Coming!! My List of Possible Costumes for 2015”
  1. I think the Freddie Krueger costume would be the best choice.


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