Don’t Disregard These Chain Letters or Else Charlie Will Get You!! Watch it Here!!

Have you heard of CHARLIE? I bet once you have you won’t soon forget him!! CHARLIE is a short film made by Mordue Pictures and released on YouTube. Written and directed by Luke Mordue, CHARLIE is about a guy who is stalked and threatened by an unknown presence after reading and ignoring a chain letter. The short film, that clocks in just over sixteen and a half minutes stars Luke MordueAlex SteedmanMax Mordue, and Anna Skibniewski-Woods. What usually happens here is I post my review and tell you to keep your eyes out for it only to have the project never break free from the festival circuit, or for it to never find distribution. Not today!! Today you get to watch CHARLIE in its entirety (see below).

Charlie banner3

When Mordue set out to make CHARLIE he set himself the challenge of making it in one night on a budget of only £10. CHARLIE was originally released to the public in the summer of 2014 and has steadily developed a following. Check out the plot crunch:

“Forward this on before 5 minutes gone

Or Charlie will come to your home

You will hear him not see him

He will teach you to fear him

And watch you when you’re alone.

But when it’s your time, 1 minute past 9,

He’ll hide in the shadows and taunt you.

His smile will find you and fear will blind you

and take you away to die.

…if you don’t forward this email to 15 people in the next 5 minutes Charlie will come for you at 9pm tomorrow night…..”

We receive these emails every day and ignore them, dismissing them as hoaxes, but what would happen if one turned out to be true?

After reading this E-Mail & ignoring it, Dan finds himself being taunted & played with by the evil smile that lurks in the shadows of his home. Quickly realising that Charlie is coming… 

I enjoyed CHARLIE and thought it was a creepy and effective well-made short film. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourselves and leave your own review below in the comments section.
Stay Bloody!!!

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