Dead Woman’s Hollow Gets Release Date

Dead Woman's Hollow posterWild Eye Releasing has announced that the 2013 indie psychological horror film, DEAD WOMAN’S HOLLOW, will be released later this month. Directed by Libby McDermott, written by John Taylor, and starring Jeremy BingamanBethany CoyleRoger Durga DahalCharles DawsonSuzi DelarnouxMel Heflin, and Maura Housley, DEAD WOMAN’S HOLLOW promises a creepy atmosphere and some twists that will shock the viewer. Check out the press release, which also contains the plot crunch:

All Blood Runs to Dead Woman’s Hollow

Acclaimed Horror Feature Based on True Crime

Available Nationwide on DVD and VOD June 23rd

“A creepy, atmospheric indie horror flick that takes a relatively familiar set-up and puts its own unique twists into it.”

— The Independent Critic

New York, NY –  Wild Eye Releasing has announced that Libby McDermott’s debut feature, the chilling psychological horror film Dead Woman’s Hollow is coming to DVD. Based on the shocking hate crime that ripped through the quiet of Appalachia in 1988, Dead Woman’s Hollow will be available nationwide June 23rd.  

McDermott took home awards for Best Horror Feature and Best Make Up at the World Music and Independent Film Festival, and Charles Dawson was named Best Male Lead at the WC Horror Film Festival for his turn as small town law enforcement trying to hunt down a murderer in the woods he calls home. 

Dead Woman's Hollow1

Two attractive young coeds set off for a camping trip in the Pennsylvania woods to get away from it all.   After a rifle-toting mountain man discovers they are a couple, the women become his prey: hunted, shot and left for dead.  The local sheriff begins to connect their frightened testimony with unsolved disappearances and murders on the trail.  Can he act in time to stop more killings?

Look for DEAD WOMAN’S HOLLOW on June 23, 2015, and you can order the DVD here. Now check out the trailer and let me know in the comments section below what you think.

Stay Bloody!!!

Dead Woman's Hollow4

Dead Woman's Hollow3

Dead Woman's Hollow2


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