Upcoming Friday the 13th Film Will Not Be Found Footage

After all the panic and trash talk, it has finally been confirmed that the next FRIDAY THE 13TH film will not be found footage. It seems as though this upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH film has been in the works for about a decade (the last film, the remake, came out in 2009). We’ve gotten various released dates drop only to change a few months later, and there were also a few different directors attached. Well, cast all that aside. It has been confirmed that not only will the next FRIDAY THE 13TH film be out next year (in 2016), but that all those rumors about it being a found footage flick are also not true. To be more accurate, the producers and writers were considering the found footage angle, but that has been confirmed to have been dropped.


In a recent talk with Shock Till You Drop, producer Brad Fuller talked about the found footage issue:

I think you [Shock Till You Drop] reported that the movie was going to be a found footage movie and that was a road that we went down and tried to figure out. Ultimately, I think Michael, Drew and I felt that we couldn’t figure that out, so we kind of jettisoned that whole notion and we had to start over. We’re in the latter phases of that starting over and hopefully we’re getting a script in the next month or two, and we’ll go back to Crystal Lake.”

At the end of the day, those movies are so fantastic because Jason Voorhees is such a dynamic presence and people love to see him do what he does well. We hope to put Jason in a situation where he’s able to do that again, and it doesn’t feel like you’re seeing the same thing over and over.”


Fuller went on in the interview to note that the overwhelming negative fan reaction to the found footage news played a big role in bailing on the found footage. Good job, fans!!

The upcoming FRIDAY THE 13TH film is slated for a Friday May 13th, 2016 release.

What do you think? Are you glad to hear this will no loner be a found footage film?

Stay Bloody!!!

4 Responses to “Upcoming Friday the 13th Film Will Not Be Found Footage”
  1. richard says:

    I’m sort of torn. While there have been a crapton of bad found footage movies, there have also been a crapton of Friday the 13th movies. This might have been a unique opportunity for the producers to re-invent both.


  2. Walter says:

    screw found footage , This is Great news!


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