Emaji Entertainment to Remake StrangeLand & The Howling


The next two films up on the remake block are 1981s classic Joe Dante-directed werewolf flick, THE HOWLING and 1998s STRANGELAND. Both films are classics in there own right and both are prime candidates for remakes. The genre is in desperate need of some good werewolf films. Emaji Entertainment recently acquired the rights to remake these two films and I’m keeping my fingers crossed they do a kick ass job. Yes, there’s the danger that the werewolves in the remake will be CGI monstrosities, but let’s hope the good people at Emaji Entertainment do the right thing. THE HOWLING remake is still in the early stages of pre-production, so there’s no plot details or writer-director announcements yet.


Some may find the decision to remake STRANGELAND an odd one, but this film, has attained a cult-like status over the years. STRANGLAND is written by and stars Dee Snider, frontman for the rock group Twisted Sister. Snider’s portrayal of the deranged Captain Howdy is chilling and Snider was so convincing in the role that it was scary. The film was ahead of its time back in 1998 and is even more relevant in today’s social media-heavy world.

What do you think? Are you ready for remakes of these two films?

Stay Bloody!!!



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