New Stills Drop for Possession Flick, Exeter

Exeter posterI’m in a conundrum. the upcoming flick, EXETER, is a possession flick that sounds pretty much like every other possession flick, yet these new stills that were released (see below) look pretty damn good. EXETER is directed by Marcus Nispel, is written by  Nispel and Kirsten Elms, and stars Stephen Lang, Brett DierBrittany Curran, Gage Golightly, Kelly Blatz, Nick Nicotera, Nick Nordella, and Michael Ormsby. If director Marcus Nispel sounds familiar, then you’ve been paying attention. Nispel helmed the very flawed 2003 remake of THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, the boring 2007 film PATHFINDER, the unwatchable 2009 remake of FRIDAY THE 13TH, and the completely forgettable 2011 remake of CONAN THE BARBARIAN. Not a great track record. Granted, most of the problems with those films was with the script, but I thought all those films could’ve used an injection of adrenaline to make them more exciting.

Well now Nispel is back in the horror genre with the possession flick, EXETER. Check out the plot crunch:

After an all-night party at an abandoned asylum known for its horrific treatment of its patients, a group of ordinary teens decide to tinker with the occult, leading to a possession, a paranormal mystery and into a bloody nightmare that no one could predict.



EXETER is slated for a July 2, 2015 theatrical release. Check out the trailer and the kick ass stills below. I know exactly what this film is going to be, but these stills are throwing off my radar. These stills make this look like it has potential. What do you think?

Stay Bloody!!!










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