Gremlins Remake Gets a Writer


We all knew this was bound to happen!! The classic Xmas-critter flick, GREMLINS was destined to one day hit the remake scene. Made for an estimated eleven million, GREMLINS grossed over $153 million domestically. These kinds of numbers are Viagra to Hollywood executives!! And now we’re getting news that GREMLINS will be remade, and Warner Bros. just hired writer  Carl Ellsworth to prove they aren’t messing around. Ellsworth is the writer of DISTURBIA and the remakes LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, and RED DAWN. I’m not getting a good vibe here!!


The original was directed, of course, by Joe Dante and was written by Chris Columbus. There were rumors that Columbus might direct the remake, but the studio said there is nothing to this rumor. Steven Spielberg, an executive producer on the original, will be back to produce the remake.

Obviously there’s no official plot or casting news yet, but I really hope the studio uses real critters for this remake. Even if the story is kick ass, nothing will ruin the remake faster than a bunch of CGI gremlins running around. Blech!

What do you think?

Stay Bloody!!!


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