Official Plot Details Drop for Upcoming High School Horror, The Gallows

filmmakers Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff.

filmmakers Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff.

Last year, New Line Cinema bought the rights to Blumhouse Productions’ micro-budget horror tale SUPERSTITION. The film was given a July 10, 2015 release date and was changed to THE GALLOWS. Recently the film’s official plot synopsis dropped. THE GALLOWS is written and directed by Chris Lofing and Travis Cluff and stars Cassidy GiffordPfeifer BrownReese Mishler, Ryan Shoos, Alexis Schneider, and Price T. Morgan. Rumors have been circulating that THE GALLOWS has some elements of a found footage flick, but nothing is definite. Since the film is still slated for a July 10, 2015 release, I’m assuming we’ll start hearing more about this one soon. For now you can dig on the official synopsis:

Everyone in Beatrice, Nebraska knows the name Charlie Grimille, just as everyone knows what happened 30 years ago on stage at Beatrice High School’s production of ‘The Gallows.’   Originally the understudy, Charlie took the lead’s place on opening night. But instead of bowing to applause, Charlie ended up really swinging from the noose. Charlie’s death has loomed over the small town ever since.  Now, on the anniversary of his tragic real-life curtain call, Beatrice High School’s drama department is preparing to perform the same play, in the same auditorium.  Pfeifer, the star of the show, has spear-headed the revival in an attempt to put the past to rest. The night before the big debut, however, Pfeifer discovers her male costar, Reese, with his football buddy, Ryan, and Ryan’s cheerleader girlfriend, Cassidy, sabotaging the props in an attempt to ruin the opening. But there is far more to worry about than the show going on. Suddenly locked in, with no cell service, no way out, and no one knowing they are even there, the teens soon realize Charlie isn’t at peace.  And he isn’t resting.

Stay Bloody!!!


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