Casting News on TNT’s Creature Series, Breed

TNT’s upcoming series BREED has announced more casting news. Directed by Scott Winant and written by John Scott Shepherd, BREED has just added actress Callie Thorne to the cast, which also stars Nadia Hilker, Amber Clayton, and Justin Chatwin. Here’s the plot crunch. BREED is about

… a series of brutal murders in the Pacific Northwest and the mysterious race of creatures who may be committing them. Despite his own mental instability, a gifted detective named Cooper Wells embarks on the case, employing his expertise on serial killers. But when the perpetrators start to reveal barbaric tendencies of an inhuman nature, Wells is forced to enlist the help of a powerful and alluring female assassin to track them.

Thorne will play Emme Haladjian, the beautiful, charismatic, highly-accomplished prosecutor whose appearance hides her vicious secrets, and the danger she poses to Cooper and the city.

Justin Chatwin will portray Cooper and Nadia Hilker will play Ruby, a powerful assassin born of a long line of Eastern European hunters called Avelytes, and Clayton will play Mandy, Cooper’s girlfriend who followed him from New York to Tacoma after he got fired from the FBI.

No word yet on when the series will air.

Stay Bloody!!!

Breed callie thorne

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