Electric Zombie Celebrates FRIDAY THE 13TH with Who Else but Jason Voorhees!!



Friday the 13th is once again breathing down our backs and The Electric Zombie wants to help you celebrate this holiest of holy holidays (for us horror geeks, at least). The website TheElectricZombie.com is celebrating Friday the 13th with new merchandise and Jason Voorhees-inspired shirts, posters, and more starting at midnight!! Check out the press release and the images of some of the Jason-themed goodies available:

Electric Zombie celebrates Friday the 13th with new merchandise
Jason Voorhees-inspired shirts, posters and more available at midnight from TheElectricZombie.com

Jason99999Friday the 13th doesn’t have to mean you’re doomed. Nostalgia-fueled clothing company Electric Zombie is celebrating the cursed day with a host of new merchandise inspired by everyone’s favorite hockey masked slasher.

The line kicks off with several new designs: a baseball shirt emblazoned with an all-over print of Jason’s red and blue mask inspired by the Jason Takes Manhattan poster, a tee featuring a comic book-style rendering the maggot-covered Part VII Jason and a tee with a simple message for fans of Part IV: “Don’t Be a Dead Fuck!”

Electric Zombie’s fan favorite Jason Bond shirt – from the memorable opening of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives – has been reprinted due to popular demand. This time, there’s also a new “Power Glove” colorway that glows in the dark. Reprints of EZ’s classic hockey mask tee and Jason Goes to Hell portrait design are also available.

Last but certainly not least, more Dead Heads are up for grabs. Each Madballs-style 4-inch rubber ball is styled to look like Jason’s grotesque head, complete with removable resin masks. It comes in both classic and 8-bit variants, but there are only 5 of each. The first batch sold out in less than 2 hours, so you’ll have to be faster than Jason Voorhees if you want one.

Jason3Limited quantities of Friday the 13th Part III, Part IV, Part VI and Part VIII posters from last month’s drop are still for sale. These prints make for perfect wall decor in your cabin.

“To me, Friday The 13th is like Christmas,” states Electric Zombie owner Kyle Crawford. “There’s magic, everyone is eating Christmas dinner and opening gifts, except on this day, it’s eating popcorn and watching someone get hacked up by a dude in a hockey mask. This year we have 3 of them, and I want to make sure that everyone is celebrating – and doing so in style.”

These items will be available at 12:01am (EST) on Friday the 13th of March at TheElectricZombie.com. With nearly every look of Jason from the original Friday the 13th series represented, franchise fanatics will be well equipped for their next trip to Camp Crystal Lake.

Electric Zombie also offers apparel and prints influenced by classic wrestling, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, A Nightmare on Elm Street and many more pop culture favorites from the ’80s and ’90s.

Remember that these are available at midnight tonight, so set your alarms and get in virtual line. This is the real Black Friday!!

Stay Bloody!!!

Jason9999 Jason999 Jason99 Jason9 Jason8 Jason7 Jason6 Jason5 Jason4


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