Tom Savini to Direct Remake of Lenzi’s Nightmare City

Nightmare City posterThis is a pretty cool headline!! Tom Savini, the King of Splatter and Gore who essentially gave the good folks at FANGORIA magazine a career, is attached to direct a remake of the 1980 classic zombie flick by Umberto Lenzi, NIGHTMARE CITY. The film is also known as CITY OF THE WALKING DEAD, which shouldn’t be confused with Lucio Fulci’s 1980 classic CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD, and this is a perfect film for a remake!! The production is all geared up to begin a very aggressive crowdfunding campaign and they are offering some pretty cool incentives. Read on.

Get ready for the spectacular remake of the 1980’s horror cult classic and theULTIMATE HORROR CROWD-PRODUCTION – this is a horror production from fans for fans and with fans! You can be a big part of it – like a producer you will have a say in how cool and great this remake will get and you will get the big chance to visit the film sets, be a part of the crew, inspire the producers, get cool rewards and win great prizes, be in the movie and MEET, WORK AND ACT TOGETHER WITH YOUR FAVORITE ACTORS and LEGENDS OF HORROR!

The King Of Splatter & Gore TOM SAVINI will be Director and Special Effects & Make Up Supervisor. Together with the best creative talents from his FX school in Pittsburgh he will guarantee mind-blowing makeup and special effects and lots of gore and will give horror fans what they desperately demand and miss in current horror movies – impressing practical special effects and gallons of blood instead of cheap CGI effects.

Nightmare City Lenzi

The Italian Master of Horror – UMBERTO LENZI will be patron of this remake of his cult classic and an Associate Producer.

Oscar nominated DEAN CUNDEY, one of the world’s best cinematographers, who worked on many films of John Carpenter, is in talks to be Director of Photography.

Get ready for breathtaking suspense, blood drenched horror, impressive special effects and a great cast and crew which will make this remake an outstanding horror production and the most terrifying zombie movie ever!

Nightmare City3

The original NIGHTMARE CITY was directed by Lenzi and was written by Antonio Cesare CortiLuis María Delgado, and Piero Regnoli. In it an airplane exposed to radiation lands and armed zombies emerge going on a rampage slicing, dicing, and biting their way across the Italian countryside. This is one of, if not the, first “fast zombie” horror flicks and these zombies also used weapons. It’s an interesting film but admittedly it’s not one of my favorite Italian zombie flicks from the 1980s. I’d love to see what Savini and crew can do with it. Check out the plot synopsis of the original:

After the outbreak of an unknown virus in the Caribbean the Miami Port Authority receives an SOS from an international aid ship returning from Haiti. TV reporter Dean Miller and his cameraman Charlie are sent to the port where rescue teams are awaiting the arriving ship. At first the ship appears to be deserted, but suddenly the rescue teams are attacked by dozens of deformed people. Infected by a new hybrid of two of the most deadly viruses of our time – Ebola and leprosy; their faces and bodies are covered with welts and sores and they are hungry for blood.

Nightmare City1

Dean and his colleague witness a brutal massacre and return to the TV station to inform the public about the horrifying events, but the government and military prohibit the broadcasting of the news in order to avoid a panic. With the public in the dark, the virus and the number of infected people start to spread over the city, while Dean, his wife Anna and a small group are trying to escape from the ‘City Of The Walking Dead’…

With the ebola virus hitting the shores of North America, NIGHTMARE CITY may be more relevant than ever!! So far the cast includes Savini himself, Jimmy (JOHN DIES AT THE END) Wong, Robert (HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES) Mukes, Noah (TROLL, SUSHI GIRL) Hathaway, and horror icon, Judith (NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD) O’Dea.

As it says on their crowdfunding page, NIGHTMARE CITY isn’t a simple crowdfunding project, it’s an “Interactive Crowd-Production“:

Nightmare City2

We don’t want you to be passive consumers and simple backers, but active co-producers. This is a movie from dedicated horror fans for fans and with fans. You will be a big part of the movie and have a say in how cool and great this movie will get. This movie project gives you the unique chance to:


  • VISIT THE FILM SETS or the premiere and MEET CAST AND CREW

  • BE IN THE MOVIE – as an extra, support actor or a zombie or get killed by a zombie

  • Meet your favorite actors and ACT TOGETHER WITH THE STARS in the movie

  • BE A PART OF OUR CREW and support us with your skills, ideas, artworks etc.

  • GET COOL REWARDS for your support and be one of the first to see the movie


  • GET EXLUSIVE ACCESS TO THE SECRET PRODUCTION WEBSITE – Supporters can follow every step of the making of the movie on a special website – from pre-production until the premiere. You can talk and discuss with crew, cast and other supporters, post ideas for creative zombie kills (the best idea will be shown in the movie!), help to choose artworks, get the latest news and footage from the filming set, WIN GREAT PRIZES and many, many more.

Check out their indiegogo page. You know I post very few indiegogo campaigns on Anything Horror, but this one sounds pretty badass and also important.

Stay Bloody!!!

Nightmare City cast3

Nightmare City cast1

Nightmare City cast4

Nightmare City cast5

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