Teaser Drops for Wasteland: Tales of the Desert Part 1

A teaser dropped for the upcoming indie scifi-horror flick, WASTELAND: TALES OF THE DESERT PART 1. The film is written and directed by Kevin Buchholz and stars DJ Perry, David GriesNicholas X. Parsons, and Damian Maffei. Check out the press release:


First WASTELAND Tales of the Desert Part 1 TEASER Released

Gray Day Films in association with Collective Development Inc. has just released the first teaser trailer that showcases the alien landscape and the three main characters in the Part 1 segment of this Sci-Fi feature film.

The Sci-Fi film focuses upon the dangers and hardships of those living and trying to survive in the “Wasteland,” an alien planet with little to offer. The story unfolds in a way that gives a nod to both westerns and the post-apocalyptic movies genre. Part 1 that has been shot is the first in a series of intersecting stories that all take place on the toxic desert planet.



The film stars David Gries (The Lost Within), DJ Perry (Darkest Night) and Nicholas X. Parsons (Pain & Gain). The film was shot in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. It was written and directed by Kevin Buchholz. The teaser trailer was edited together by Travis Hayward. He also served as Director of Photography on the film. The film is looking at a spring premiere and extended shooting for the additional “Parts” are planned for 2015.

Forthcoming will be an original painted poster being done by artist Valentina Cereseto. Her work can be seen at http://www.valentinacereseto.com

Now dig on the teaser:

Stay Bloody!!!


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