Eric S. Brown Releases New Novel, Zombie Kaiju Apocalypse!!

Eric Brown posterWhen it comes to my favorite horror writers, on my list are classic writers such as Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft, and there’s also more contemporary names such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, Robert R. McCammon, Joe McKinney, and Eric S. Brown (to name just a few). Eric S. Brown is my newest addition to authors I look for their new releases. I was first introduced to Brown through his BIGFOOT WAR series of novels. This amazing series of novels started with BIGFOOT WARBIGFOOT WAR 2: DEAD IN THE WOODSBIGFOOT WAR 3: FOOD CHAIN, and BIGFOOT WAR: FRONTIER, but the demand on this series was so incredible that Brown just kept writing new entries. There’s BIGFOOT WAR: AFTER THE FALL, BIGFOOT WARS: TALES OF THE SASQUATCH APOCALYPSE, BIGFOOT WAR: HEAVY CARNAGE, BIGFOOT WARS: REDNECK APOCALYPSE, BIGFOOT WAR: THE END, BIGFOOT WAR: THE MECH AGE, and THE BLOODY RAGE OF BIGFOOT. Phew … I think I listed them all!!

All the books I’ve read from Brown have been gory, crazy fun, and they are all fast reads. You can’t put his novels down once you’ve started them. I read the second and third BIGFOOT WAR novels in a day and a half!!

author Eric S. Brown

author Eric S. Brown

With a list this long just in the BIGFOOT WAR series you’d think that’s all he’s written, but you’d be wrong and you’d also be depriving yourself of some other fantastic books. I stopped reviewing Brown’s BIGFOOT WAR series after the third book but I haven’t stopped reading them!! Let’s face it, there’s only so many ways you can say you absolutely love a writer without sounding like a fawning fanboy!! My reviews were getting repetitive!! Brown is also the author of many zombie short stories and novels, of random creatures like werewolves, military-scifi novels, and a few Kaiju novels. The man is as diverse as he is talented!! His newest novel, released today, is ZOMBIE KAIJU APOCALYPSE and it has everything in it a growing boy needs. There’s zombies, giant creatures, and it’s set against the backdrop of the end of the world.

It’s far time I delve into Eric S. Brown’s Kaiju novels. I’ve been hooked on his BIGFOOT WAR series but if his other novels are as good as his BIGFOOT WAR series then I’m ready to be blown away with some big ass creatures destroying the world!!

Check out Eric S. Brown’s author page on for a complete list of his books, most of which are in eBook form. And here’s the direct link to his newest book, ZOMBIE KAIJU APOCALYPSE. You’ll thank me for introducing you to Eric S. Brown.

Are you familiar with Brown’s novels? Which ones have you read?

Stay Bloody!!!

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