Trailer Drops for Dead Rising: Watchtower, The Movie!!

Dead Rising posterYou read that right. The popular and blood-soaked Xbox game is coming to the big screen and you can rest your skeptical hearts … it looks like all the fun, blood, and gore that made the games so much fun will be present in the film. The film, titled DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER, which takes place between the events in the video games Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 3, is directed by Zach Lipovsky (TASMANIAN DEVILS, LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS), is written by Tim Carter (who’s also writing a DEAD RISING tv series), and stars Meghan OryRob RiggleVirginia Madsen, Dennis Haysbert, Keegan Connor Tracy, Jesse Metcalfe, and Julia Benson.

What makes the video game Dead Rising so damn fun is that everything and anything can be a weapon and you can also create your own “super weapons” by combing weapons together. You can beat down one zombie with a taco, incapacitate another one using a sex toy launcher, and then kill it with one of your own creations.

A regular sledgehammer or table saw might not be enough to hold off the zombie horde, but fuse them together and you’ll do massive damage with the fearsome Sledge Saw — just one of hundreds of potential weapon combinations. You can even acquire temporary abilities by combining certain foods, like eating pork and booze simultaneously to spit fire!

Dead Rising5

If you haven’t played this game yet you’re really missing out. In a recent interview with SlashFilm, director Lipovsky pointed out that the game’s premise, “brings a lot of new energy to the genre:”

“The idea that you can be bitten and remain human as long as you take your medicine every day is very interesting and dramatic. Similar to the social stigma of living with HIV,” he said. “Another very cool element from the game is the zombies remember a little bit about their previous lives. There is something really haunting about seeing a zombie cop randomly firing his gun, or a zombie mom pushing a stroller.”

Dead Rising bts1

DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER will premiere exclusively on Sony’s Crackle service in the U.S. on March 27, 2015, and will then be getting a DVD release as well as being released on other digital platforms. Check out the trailer below and dig on all these kick ass stills and behind the scenes pictures, courtesy of Crackle. And for all you gaming heads, Dead Rising 3 will be available on Xbox One the same day the film is released (March 27, 2015).

What do you think? Are you a fan of the video game? Looking forward to seeing a film version of DEAD RISING?

Stay Bloody!!!

Dead Rising2

Dead Rising1

Dead Rising bts2

Dead Rising bts3

Dead Rising3

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