Scream Factory to Release Stigmata on Blu-ray this Spring

Stigmata blu-rayScream Factory. Are there any two words better than those when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray releases? Scream Factory is the horror and sci-fi branch of Shout! Factory (which releases, among other things, all the MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 episodes) and has a long history of giving horror fans what they want!! Check out a chart of their releases. Scream Factory just announced the Blu-ray release of what I consider to be an underrated film, STIGMATA. STIGMATA is directed by Rupert Wainwright, who went on to direct the 2005 remake, THE FOG (yikes!!), and written by Tom Lazarus and Rick Ramage. The film stars Patricia Arquette, Gabriel ByrneJonathan Pryce, Portia de Rossi, and Patrick Muldoon. Here’s the plot crunch if you forgot it:

Frankie Paige (Arquette) has absolutely no faith in God. All of that changes when she suddenly begins to suffer the Stigmata, the living wounds of the crucified Christ. Frankie’s miraculous bleeding comes to the attention of the Vatican’s top investigator, Father Kiernan (Byrne). But when Cardinal Houseman (Pryce), discovers that Frankie is actually channeling an extraordinary and provocative message that could destroy the Church, he’s convinced that she – and the force possessing her – must be forever silenced. Determined to stop this deadly conspiracy, Kiernan risks his faith and his life to save her and the message that will change the destiny of mankind forever!

STIGMATA didn’t really live up to the kick ass trailers that promoted it but I enjoyed it. This is a more story-driven horror film than most people were expecting and the story just happened to click with me. Scream Factory hasn’t revealed any special features yet, but apparently all of the supplements on the 2000 MGM DVD release will be carried over. These supplements include deleted scenes, an alternate ending, and a Natalie Imbruglia Music Video. The official release date hasn’t been dropped yet but there will be an announcement next month.

Have you seen STIGMATA? What did you think of it? Check out the original trailer below:

Stay Bloody!!!


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