Cinedigm Making 10 Connected Horror Films Back to Back!!

This is both pretty cool and exciting. Cinedigm, a North American entertainment company and independent content distributor in the U.S, is teaming up with producers Lou Arkoff, Jeff Katz, and Hal Sadoff to shoot ten films with common storylines and characters as part of a single story arc. The films will be shot starting in September 2015. The cast and directors will be announced soon. Essentially Cinedigm is launching a reinvention of American International Pictures (AIP) exploitation titles into a whopping ten-picture project within a single movie universe. Think of it as an exploitation-horror version of what Marvel did with their cinematic universe!!


Jeff Katz has written all ten films, and they are based on GIRLS IN PRISON, VIKING WOMEN AND THE SEA SERPENT, THE BRAIN EATERS, SHE-CREATURE, TEENAGE CAVEMAN, REFORM SCHOOL GIRL, THE UNDEAD, WAR OF THE COLOSSAL BEAST, THE COOL AND THE CRAZY, and THE DAY THE WORLD ENDED. All my fellow MST3K-philes will recognize more than one title that Joel, Mike, and the ‘bots ripped on!! Cinedigm will also handle the theatrical release, DVD, digital, TV, and nontheatrical formats and will be targeting the Comic-Con audience.


This sounds like a really ambitious and fun project and I for one am ready to support it. I love the idea of seeing a single movie universe of exploitation films!! Plus Lou Arkoff, the son of AIP founder Samuel Arkoff, is involved and the entire project has his blessing. Here’s what Lou Arkoff has to say:

“In a unique twist on the current filmmaking model, all 10 films will shoot back-to-back and share a single movie universe with a big recurring cast of antiheroes, monsters and bad girls. This format will allow our casts and directors to build a strong relationship with the characters — and our audience — over the course of several films. Each movie in this series has a complete beginning, middle, and end, yet watched over all ten films we’re really telling one larger, epic story. “These are very much, at heart, indie comic book movies. Unpretentious. R-Rated. It’s fantastic to have a distribution model that fits that sensibility.”

Did ya catch the “R-rated” comment? Hell yeah!! What do you think? Think this is a project you’d be interested in seeing?

Stay Bloody!!!


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