Get Ready for Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival!!

silent posterIt’s never too early to begin thinking about Christmas (no, seriously). Just the other day I bought a bunch of Christmas lights that were on sale so I can Griswold my house up next year. New Wave Independent Pictures has the same idea. They’ve started filming a follow up to the 1972 film, SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT, titled, SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT 2: REVIVAL. This will be a direct sequel to the Theodore Gershuny classic film and will take place forty years after the bloody events of the first film (obviously) and will expand the mythology of the original film. Dustin Ferguson is directing and John Klyza wrote the screenplay. The cast includes Jennifer Runyon Corman, Jeff Dylan Graham, Julia Farrell, Luc Bernier, Pete Lipins, Jennii Caroline, Jeanne Kern, Rich Kern, Mike Crawford, and Breana Mitchell. Check out the plot crunch:

After a death in the family, siblings Angelica and James Zacherly travel to the small town of East Willard on Christmas Eve to pay their respects. They stay at a homely bed and breakfast where they learn the legend of Black Peter, Santa Claus’ vengeful brother. But when they find the lost journal of Jeffrey Butler, they discover the town has its own sordid history – one more rooted in reality.

When the dark reflection of St. Nicholas emerges and begins to punish the eccentric townsfolk, the visitors find themselves in the middle of the mystery. Who is doing the deeds? Is Black Peter real? Or is the truth closer to home? If they don’t find out and put a stop to it, Christmas Day will turn to Garbage Day while the bodies pile up in a bloody heap.

SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT 2: REVIVAL shouldn’t be confused with 2013’s SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT: THE HOMECOMING. That film was a remake of the 1972 original. This film also promises “ample gore,” being handled by Wetworks SFX. We also don’t have to wait until December to see this one. The producers are aiming for an early 2015 release. What do you think? Are you ready for a Christmas slasher film already?

Stay Bloody!!!



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