New Publicity Trailer for “The Best There Ever Was” Drops from Derek Cole

Meet Grandpa. This ain't the same feeble grandpa from the original!!

Meet Grandpa. This ain’t the same feeble grandpa from the original!!

Derek Cole.  Bart Mastronardi.  Alan Rowe Kelly.  Bloody Billy Pon.  Elias.  Jeremiah Kipp.  Richard Powell.  Todd Freeman.  Do I have your attention?  These are some of my favorite names and the biggest talents in the indie horror scene (I’m sure I forgot a few names; forgive me).  Whenever I hear that anyone on this list is coming out with a new project I get very excited.  I’ve been a long time champion of the indie horror scene and Anything Horror has supported many indie horror filmmakers that have stood out as being huge talents.

This granny certainly isn't sitting around making oatmeal cookies!!

This granny certainly isn’t sitting around making oatmeal cookies!!

Earlier today I received an email from filmmaker Derek Cole.  He sent along a publicity trailer for his new project, THE BEST THERE EVER WAS.  Derek Cole is of course the filmmaker who gave us the exceptional ghost flick, AN AMERICAN GHOST STORY (formerly titled REVENANT), and the gory neo-slasher film THE MUTILATION MAN (which he co-wrote and co-directed with his brother, Shane Cole).  Most recently Derek Cole made the very short yet very effective THE UNFORGIVEN about a man trying to deal with a tragic event.  So it was a natural progression that Cole would next tangle with the TEXAS CHAINSAW mythos, right?

THE BEST THERE EVER WAS is a prequel to the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE based on the Grandpa character as a younger man.  Leatherface has an important role as well, as a boy being trained by Grandpa to kill.  The Grand Mother who was dead in the original is alive and well and is the one giving Grandpa both permission and the justifications for doing these horrific things in order to keep the family from starving.  Check out this extremely well made and compelling publicity trailer:

What do you think?  It’s nothing like the last few films based on the TCM mythos!!  I’m extremely excited to see this film get made.  Derek Cole is an amazingly talented writer and director and along with his longtime collaborator, Stephen Twardokus, the potential here is astronomical.  I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for this one!!

Stay Bloody!!!

Best There Ever Was leatherface

Even as a wee little one, Leatherface wasn’t a cutie.

Best There Ever Was 1

Remember, it’s not the quantity of time you spend with your grandkid, it’s the quality!!

4 Responses to “New Publicity Trailer for “The Best There Ever Was” Drops from Derek Cole”
  1. pauljkenyon says:

    My gut’s telling me this is gonna be, “The Best There Ever Was!” I’m a ‘new on the scene’ horror writer and I’m following the advice of the scariest man in America, Jack Ketchum and am writing from the wound. You won’t need any luck on this project, it’s in the hands of the best in the business!


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