A Cadaver Christmas (2011)

A Cadaver Christmas posterHere’s one that creeped in without much promotion or fanfare. I stumbled upon A CADAVER CHRISTMAS while looking through my cable’s MOD service and I’m glad I did. This movie is far from perfect but it was a good time and made for an enjoyable Holiday Horror.

A CADAVER CHRISTMAS starts off like all movies should. A guy covered in blood from head to toe walks into a bar and orders a drink. No this isn’t the set up of a joke. The bloodied man, known only as “The Janitor” (Daniel Rairdin-Hale) has one helluva story to tell and the poor saps in the bar are more than happy to hear him out. The Janitor works at the local university and was cleaning up when some weird shit started going down. It seems Prof. Hildencress (Michael Kennedy), has managed to create a Christmas miracle by reanimating the dead. Now the university’s campus, and slowly the entire town, are being overrun by the living dead. Good one Hildencress!! The Janitor’s audience in the bar consists of the bartender Eddie (Ben Hopkins) and a drunk, Tom (Hanlon Smith-Dorsey). They are joined by an ex-cop Sam (Yosh Hayashi) who has a perverted criminal in tow, simply known as “The Perp” (Edward O’Ryan). This is a helluva group to not only save Christmas, but the world!!

This is one bloody janitor!!

This is one bloody janitor!!

They of course don’t believe the janitor’s story, and the ex-cop, Sam, is pretty high-strung. He thinks he can get back on the force if he’s able to break a big case and he sees this blood-covered janitor as his ticket. They all go to the university to check out the janitor’s story and come face-to-face with a huge dose of reality: Zombies!! While at the university they run into student security guard, Kristen (Jessica Denney) and she joins the gang. From here on out we get the expected zombie movie fare.

The characters are quirky and often times funny, even though the acting leaves a little to be desired at times. The film, though, has a fun energy to it that you can’t help but caught up in. We get plenty of gore and other “weird” scenes (a little necrophilia never hurt no one), and director/co-writer Joe Zerull keeps everything moving along at a nice pace. A CADAVER CHRISTMAS probably won’t make it to my “X-Mas Films to See Every Year” list (I found my attention drifting a bit in the middle of the film), but it’s a entertaining little zombie-comedy that delivers the gore and some genuinely funny moments.

Worth checking out for sure. Besides; ‘til the season!!

My Summary:

Director: Joe Zerull (& co-writer)

Plot: 3 out of 5 stars

Gore: 7 out of 10 skulls

Zombie Mayhem: 3.5 out of 5 brains

Reviewed by Scott Shoyer

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