Update & Stills for Mike Watt’s Razor Days

New York is no stranger to having some really talented people living and working there.  But what’s been becoming more and more clear every day and every time I start writing about the indie horror scene is that there’s a pocket of extremely talented filmmakers, writers, actors/actresses, editors, etc … who pool their talent together and help each other out on various projects (I must also extend this pocket to include Anthony G. Sumner who, I believe, works more outta Chicago).  If your a frequent reader of Anything Horror, then most of these names will be very familiar to you:  Bart Mastronardi, Alan Rowe Kelly, David Marancik, Michael Varrati, Debbie Rochon, Robert A. Kuiper, and Dominick Sivilli (I’m sure I left a name or two off this list).  Well two more names need to be added onto this extremely diverse and talented “New York Pocket”:  Mike Watt and Amy Lynn Best!!  Watt and Best (they sound like a silent-era comedy team) are two of the main forces, along with many others from the “New York Pocket,” behind RAZOR DAYS.

RAZOR DAYS is written and directed by Mike Watt and stars Debbie Rochon, Amy Lynn Best, Bette Cassatt, Jeff Monahan, David Marancik, Alan Rowe Kelly, and Michael Varrati.  Here’s the plot crunch:

Razor Days is a grim story of survival and revenge set in the very real world. Starring Amy Lynn Best (A Feast of Flesh), Debbie Rochon (The Colour from the Dark) and Bette Cassatt (ThinkGeek), Razor Days tells the story of three women, each a survivor of horrific violence, who bond together first for support and then to exact revenge on those responsible for their horrific pasts, including a group of cannibalistic “weekend warriors”

Here’s how Watt describes RAZOR DAYS:

 “Originally, we pitched [RAZOR DAYS] as ‘what happens after the end of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’, focusing on how survivors of such things could possibly put their lives back together and how violence infects all parts of someone’s life. As the script evolved, we moved away from the notion of the fantastical inbred mutants that are the hallmarks of these types of stories and chose to present the majority of the tale through the eyes of the victims. The cannibals are really the least of their problems.”

I like the approach here.  This sounds like it’s gonna give us the kind of feminine perspective in horror I’ve been looking for without getting all “Lifetime Network” on our asses!!  Be sure to check out RAZOR DAYS on Facebook for updates.  Now dig on the trailer and the stills below and tell me what you think.

Stay Bloody!!!


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