Blast from the Past: The Greg Kihn Band’s Jeopardy Video (Early 1980’s)

I heard this song recently on my way to work and it really took me back to my youth. The song is “Jeopardy” by The Greg Kihn Band, and besides being a pretty damn good song that holds up well today, its also a great fucking video … especially for horror fans. See, back in the early 1980’s there was this basic cable station called MTv. Now I know you all think I crazy: “But Anything Horror Scott,” you may be saying, “there’s still a channel called MTv!!” Well yes and no. The MTv from the 80’s did something remarkable … they actually played fucking videos!! Yeah; I know. This is long before they started throwing endless shitty reality TV shows at us and completely forgot what “MTv” actually stood for.

But The Greg Kihn Band had this hit, “Jeopardy,” that peaked in the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart on May 7, 1983. For me, the early 1980’s was when I was just tits deep in horror films and seeing all the classics and what would become the new classics!! The Greg Kihn Band had some other hits, but “Jeopardy” was by far their best song and highest ranking hit. I was digging the song when I heard it on the radio, but when I actually caught the video for the first time I really loved it. At the end of the day, “Jeopardy” is about a guy getting married who gets some serious cold feet. He kinda freaks out as he realizes the finality of marriage and pretty much loses it as he watches the married couples around him fighting and bickering. He sees married couples wearing handcuffs and even sees his parents’ hands fused together, creating one bizarre-looking hand that could’ve come straight from the mind of Screaming Mad George from the set of Brian Yuzna’s SOCIETY!!

“Groom” Greg Kihn getting cold feet.

Things come to a head after he places the ring on his fiancé’s finger. When he lifts up her veil he discovers she’s a hideous zombie and this is when the shit hits the fan. Everyone else in the church suddenly becomes zombies and as the groom (Greg Kihn himself) runs down the aisle to get away, a huge tentacled thing comes outta the ground and grabs him. After seeing Stuart Gordon’s RE-ANIMATOR for the first time, the scene near the end where the body pumped full of the reanimation serum bursts open and has tentacles coming out of it … this always reminded me of that long, gross-looking tentacle in the music video, “Jeopardy” (even though RE-ANIMATOIR was made two years after the music video).

So if you haven’t seen this video before, then enjoy. If you have but not for a while, then enjoy it even more. This was a fun little trip down memory lane!! And if you’re curious, Greg Kihn is now the music director at KFOX in San Francisco. Thanks for a great song, Greg … but thanks for an even better video!! Here it is:

What do you think? Like it?

Stay Bloody!!!

4 Responses to “Blast from the Past: The Greg Kihn Band’s Jeopardy Video (Early 1980’s)”
  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh – so *that’s* who the video was for! I only saw this once but, as you reckon above, it does rather tend to stick in the mind. However, I never knew who the singer was or what the song was called. Now I know!


  2. I only knew this song from the Weird Al Yankovic parody I Lost on Jeopardy. I liked that era of music videos, when there was an effort to display some imagination and creativity in their videos.


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