Let ‘The Thing’ Week Begin!!

Well it’s finally here.  We’re just a few days away from THE THING prequel’s release.  I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to this one.  The green- and red-band trailers look great, I’ve read that the f/x won’t all be CGI, and it’s not a remake!!  A few months ago, frequent anythinghorror.com contributor James “Buzz” Saunders suggested that he, Derek (another invaluable anythinghorror.com contributor), and myself each take one of the versions of THE THING and write a review of it.  It’s a fantastic idea and I jumped all over it.  Buzz took the original 1951 THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, Derek took Carpenter’s masterpiece, and I’m going to take the new prequel coming out.  I’ll be posting Buzz’s and Derek’s reviews in the next 2 days, but I’d thought I’d start this party with a serious 2 part video that analyzes, in depth, Carpenter’s THE THING to try and deduce if Childs (Keith David) was infected at the end of the film.  These videos are a little long, but they are really well researched and fascinating to sit through.  Here’s both parts:

So what do ya think?  Is it convincing?  Do you agree?  And why you’re answering questions, are you looking forward to THE THING prequel?  You know I wanna hear from you all!!

Up next is Buzz’s review of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD.  Stay tuned, and …

Stay Bloody!!!

6 Responses to “Let ‘The Thing’ Week Begin!!”
  1. sufy says:

    Hey there just found your blog. Great blog you have!

    I’m a Horror Fan too and thanks for updating the website!


  2. Buzz says:

    Well I’m sold. I can’t really say that I put that much thought into it (no where near that much) beyond a vague kinda wondering. I did go back and watch that entire last scene again after watching this and the information defiantly does add something whilst watching. I’ll probably go and find that other documentary now and then go and watch the entire film again. Good times for all 🙂


  3. deggsy says:

    In my research for Carpenter’s THE THING, I learned that at a horror convention Q&A session in 2008, Keith David (Childs) was asked if he ever knew who, at the very end of the movie, was infected with the alien. He smiled and said, “Well, I don’t know about (Kurt Russell), but it sure as hell wasn’t me.”


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