Blog Special: Zombie Chronicles: The Infected (October 2010)

Hey everyone.  I came across this flick on Twitter and contacted producer-director Marvin Suarez to learn some more about his upcoming zombie flick.  He sent me along this press release that I’ll share with you all:

Infected Studios              Press Release

Announcing “Zombie Chronicles: The Infected”
Producer/Director Marvin Suarez and Infected Studios are proud to present “Zombie
Chronicles: The Infected”. The first of a three‐part Action/Horror film about a Zombie
Pandemic in New York City with the working title “Zombie Chronicles”

‐New York (February 08, 2010) – Infected Studios is pleased to announce “Zombie Chronicles:
The Infected”. A film Produced and Directed by Marvin Suarez; to be released in the 4th
quarter of 2010.

‐“The Infected” is the first episode of three survival horror films with the title “Zombie
Chronicles”, it will be produced unlike any other independent survival horror Zombie film
you’ve; it will be released in three episodes over a 2 year period. Each episode will be shown in
National and International Film Festivals then released for online distribution.

‐Each of the three films describes a tale of individual stories in the world of the Zombie
Chronicles and how they are surviving the zombie Chaos. Upon completion of the 3 films, they
will be packaged together and made into a feature presenting all 3 films.

‐The first of the 3 films “Zombie Chronicles: The Infected” is scheduled to be released October
31st 2010 and available for purchase at the Infected Studios website

‐“Zombie Chronicles: The Infected”, trailers, production stills, storyboard, blogs, bios,
production notes can be viewed

Zombie Chronicles: The Infected Specifications:
Street Date: October 31st, 2010
Genre: Action, Horror, Sci‐fi
Run Time: 30 Minutes
Sound: Dolby Digital
Language: English

I briefly chatted with Mr. Suarez through email and he told me that he loves Hitchcock and believes that “what you don’t see is more horrific than what you do.”  i, for one, am interested to see the final product. The idea of a suspenseful survival zombie flick is pretty fucking appealing if ya ask me!!

To check out more on this project go to and tell them that sent you!!  Stay tuned to and I’ll update you on this project as I learn more.  To hold you over here is the link to watch 2 trailers:

Stay tuned, and stay bloody!!

5 Responses to “Blog Special: Zombie Chronicles: The Infected (October 2010)”
  1. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to the remake. I think the new Freddy looks horrible.


    • Really?? I think the new Freddy looks better than the original Freddy make-up. I’m usually not one to be excited to see a remake (not at ALL) but from what I’ve seen about this one it looks really promising. I sure hope I’m not let down hard!!


    • I love your website Aleata!! Looks great and your reviews are kicking. We could be “review twins” …. both brutally honest LOL


  2. l3pr3chaun says:

    O.K. I’m in after reading Suarez’s comments. Sounds like he is locked in to delivering a really tension filled horror zombie flick! I like!


    • I agree Bill. I’ve chatted with Suarez through email and the more he talks about it the most excited I get. His energy is contagious. I’ll definitely update you on the progress of his project as I hear about it!!!


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